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Mary Winfield, SPED Homeschool Media Manager

Mary Winfield is momma to 2 rambunctious boys who always keep her on her toes. Her oldest son has special needs, and she has just started homeschooling him.

Before becoming a mother, Mary worked with children with special needs both in the private and public sectors. She specialized with children with Autism and other communication delays. Her experience at a private school introduced her to the DIR/Floortime Method which she has learned to love as she saw so many fantastic results. She has really seen the Lord’s hand in her life as He prepared her for her unique motherhood challenges with these work experiences.

Now that she is home with her boys, she is excited to share her past experiences and continual learning with anyone who might need help or encouragement. Her blog (www.growingastheygrow.com) is dedicated to helping the homeschooling parents of special needs children build their confidence and success. She is continually adding new resources and creating new learning materials for her audience.

Mary and her children live in Hebron, Indiana. They love to play outside when it is warm or snuggle and read when they are buried in snow!

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