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Consulting Partners

You can homeschool. We can help." GoodSchooling is dedicated to empowering, equipping, and encouraging parents to launch their own homeschool adventure! We offer a VIP Homeschool Coaching package that provides families with a fully customized homeschooling plan including curriculum options, homeschool methodology tailored to the family's philosophy and needs, implementation plan to guide them through their days, and MUCH more. Parents who prefer to DIY their homeschool launch will find comprehensive help in the content-rich articles on our blog. Website:  goodschooling.net

True North Struggling Learners Academic Advising
Our Struggling Learners Academic Advising Plan takes the worry out of Homeschooling your Special Needs or Struggling Learner so you can enjoy the process! Are you overwhelmed, confused or frustrated by the thought of tackling homeschooling? Are you a current homeschooler who feels bogged down in details, thousands of curriculum choices and managing the needs of your family? Let our years of experience as homeschoolers and educators guide you so that you can enjoy the process of homeschooling your students! Mention you saw us on the SPED Homeschool website and receive your Struggling Learners Academic Advising Plan for $99.00 (Regular $159.00). 


Kathy Kuhl coaches parents homeschooling children with learning challenges. She speaks to and consults with parents internationally, combining a wealth of information and insight with practical suggestions, humor, and personal experience. After homeschooling a bright, dyslexic, distractible son for grades 4–12, she interviewed 64 families homeschooling students with learning difficulties to write Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner, a handbook to help anyone helping students with challenges and others who simply “learn differently,” diagnosed or not.

Ericha Kemm, Dyslexia Specialist
Ericha Kemm provides Dyslexia Therapy utilizing Take Flight Intervention in the Corpus Christi, TX area. I am available to local homeschool students throughout the day and via the web through tele-therapy.

MilKids Ed
MilKids Ed is a multi-faceted coaching, consulting, and advocacy service for busy, highly mobile families. We offer virtual coaching, consulting, and advocacy services for families who are searching for assistance with homeschooling, curriculum development, advocacy for services with public schools, and general learning coaching. Meg Flanagan holds an M.Ed in Special Education and a BS in Elementary Education. She has taught in public and private schools, as well as guiding diverse students in a homeschool setting. Meg is a military spouse and has expertise assisting military families find the best balance that suits their busy, mobile lifestyle.

HIS Place for Help in School
HIS Place offers expertise, encouragement, and educational advice and resources for parents who home school children with special needs. Services include diagnostic assessments, consultations (in person and by phone), writing Student Education Plans, and end-of-the-year testing.

Innovative Speech Therapy

Innovative Speech Therapy's mission is to help you learn to leverage the benefits of technology to speed up progress toward educational, social and lifelong goals for your family. Joan Green, the founder, is a speech-language pathologist and technology specialist with over 30 years of experience. She is dedicated to helping you to learn how to help your child improve communication, cognition, and productivity with tech-savvy strategies, solutions, and support.

I offer a variety of services at no cost such as a monthly webinar (www.theymaynotknow.com), a free 15-minute phone consultation and a few free mini online courses available from my website (https://innovativespeech.com) and a free FB group for like-minded families and professionals who want to learn more about how to leverage the benefits of technology to support children and adults with special needs (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ISTTechSavvySolutions/). In addition to individualized speech therapy in MD, VA, and DC, I provide books, courses, online coaching and technology training support for families to help them get up and running with technologies they may not realize exist to support literacy, learning, executive functioning, and communication while keeping kids safe and minimizing potential distractions.

Firm Foundations Center for Learning and Enrichment (FFCLE)
Providing homeschool classes, student advocacy, parental support, tutoring, and educational therapy
Email Sarah for more information

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