How The Homeschool Counseling Network Began

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Curious as to how The Homeschool Counseling Network came to be? In this video, I share my personal story of a professional counselor turned stay-at-home mom and eventually homeschooling mom with a desire to help others home-educate their children.

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The Homeschool Counseling Network
  Hi there! I’m Kimberly, a Licensed Professional Counselor turned advocate and homeschool mama of one. Welcome to the Homeschool Counseling Network. We're so glad you stopped by! About HCN: The Homeschool Counseling Network (HCN) operates under It’s Only Homeschooling, LLC (dba The Homeschooling Counseling Network). HCN was founded in January 2024 by Kimberly Bennett, a Licensed Professional Counselor (TX), former middle school guidance counselor, and homeschool mom of one. Before launching HCN, Kimberly founded It’s Only Homeschooling – a website devoted to providing advocacy, community, and resources for families homeschooling children with learning differences. Our Mission: The Homeschool Counseling Network’s mission is to connect homeschooling families with free resources academic advising, counseling, testing, therapy, and tutoring to inspire, inform, and improve lives. We accomplish our mission through writing, creating digital content, hosting podcasts, public speaking engagements (podcast appearances, educational conferences, continuing education workshops), and planning and implementing our own online and in-person events. Bridging the Gap – HCN’s Vision and Purpose: Finding professionals with the knowledge and understanding necessary to support homeschooling families through their practices can present a challenge. Here at The Homeschool Counseling Network, we are working hard to help bridge this gap. By creating a resource list of homeschool family-friendly providers, we aim to help ease the burden of seeking support services. It is our sincerest wish to offer comfort, encouragement, and support by connecting homeschooling families with providers who are equipped to help meet their counseling, education, and therapy needs.   Song: A Year Ago by NEFFEX This channel is not a professional counseling channel and nothing here should be construed as professional counseling, therapy, treatment, or medical advice. Although Kimberly Bennett, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor, she is not your counselor, and no counselor-client relationship is established unless she has signed an agreement with you. All information provided through this website is for informational and educational purposes only.