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Homeschool IEP Template and Guide

Our comprehensive homeschooling IEP resource package is designed to support parents in creating tailored Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for their children with specific learning needs. This package includes two essential downloads and an informative article.

The first download is a customizable Word document that parents can fill in to develop their own homeschool IEP, ensuring it meets their child's unique educational requirements.

The second download is a PDF packed with links to valuable resources, providing guidance on effectively completing the IEP.

Additionally, the accompanying article offers a step-by-step walkthrough, featuring more resources to simplify the IEP writing process. This all-in-one resource aims to empower parents to document and address their child's learning needs on a yearly basis with confidence and clarity.

At-Home Therapy Resources

Our downloadable PDF offers a curated list of resources specifically designed for parents to provide various therapies to their homeschooled children without needing to hire a therapist. This invaluable guide includes comprehensive resources for occupational therapy, speech therapy, sensory therapy, physical therapy, and more. Each resource is carefully selected to empower parents with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively support their child's therapeutic needs at home, ensuring a holistic approach to their education and development.

Getting Started Guide

Our downloadable resource outlines nine essential steps to help parents confidently and clearly start homeschooling a student with diverse learning needs. Developed by a seasoned special needs homeschooling consultant with over 20 years of experience, this guide addresses the most frequently asked questions from parents. It provides clear, actionable steps that are easy to follow, ensuring a strong start to your homeschooling journey. With expert advice and practical tips, this resource empowers parents to create an effective and supportive learning environment for their child.

Homeschool High School Article and Checklist

In "How NOT to Transition," Peggy Ployhar shares her insights and tips from transitioning her children into homeschooling high school. She emphasizes starting with the right perspective, taking it one year at a time, and focusing on the holistic development of the child. Her practical advice, including staying flexible and maintaining a bigger picture perspective, ensures a smoother transition for both parents and students.

Our free PDF download, "Parent's Roadmap for Homeschooling a Struggling Learner Through High School," is an invaluable resource designed to guide parents through every step of the high school journey. This comprehensive roadmap covers crucial topics such as graduation laws, transition planning, accommodations, core subjects, electives, life skills, transcripts, and diplomas. By providing clear, detailed information and practical tips, this guide ensures that parents can confidently support their struggling learners, helping them achieve academic success and prepare for life beyond high school.

Museum Accessibility Resources

Discover two invaluable free downloads for enhancing your museum experiences with your family.

First, download our museum checklist to ensure you don't miss any highlights during your visit.

Second, access our comprehensive guide tailored for families homeschooling children with specialized educational or accessibility needs, providing essential tips and strategies.

As a bonus, watch an exclusive video interview with the President of the International Association for Creation on maximizing the use of these resources to make museum trips more accessible and enriching for all.

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