Peggy Ployhar Speaker Packet

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Peggy Ployhar is a multifaceted individual, blending her passions for special education homeschooling advocacy and aerial silks performance into a remarkable life journey.

With over two decades of dedicated leadership within the special education homeschooling community, Peggy has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of support and resources for parents and learners alike. As the visionary behind SPED Homeschool, she strives to foster a cohesive and reliable network, offering unwavering support, encouragement, and a wealth of resources to families navigating the unique challenges of special education homeschooling.

But Peggy's journey doesn't end there. At the age of 48, she embarked on a new adventure, immersing herself in the world of aerial silks. Despite facing a formidable opponent in breast cancer in 2020, Peggy's commitment to her passion never wavered. Training almost daily for six years, she has honed her skills to an advanced level, drawing upon her past experiences as a college cheerleader and head cheerleading coach. Today, Peggy not only dazzles audiences with her captivating aerial performances but also shares her profound love for this aerial art as the owner of Eternal Aerial Arts.

With an unwavering spirit and boundless determination, Peggy continues to inspire others through her dedication to both the special education homeschooling community and the mesmerizing world of aerial silks.


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