Learning Summer Months With God || A Pk-3rd Grade Learning Suppliment


Enjoy learning about the Summer months with your child while engaging them in activities that will teach them phonics, counting, matching, songs, coloring, writing, and more all while incorporating the truth about who God is in their life. Scriptures are mentioned throughout for reference and reading if you choose. The entire packet contains the three summer months: June, July & August. Each month includes about 30 pages of activities. You can make several copies of each packet to do during the month. Repetition is key. This packet is inspired by the teaching method by Patricia Logan Oelwein in her book "Teaching Reading To Children With Down Syndrome". Children with other learning disabilities (Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, ect..) have been known to benefit from this method as well. Overall these worksheets make a great supplement to a curriculum you are using and especially true if you want your kids to get in the habit of seeing God throughout everything.

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